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5 Desi Sweet Treats You Can Make With Malai- Ladoo, Kheer And More

Decadent, creamy and luscious, desserts are just what we need to brighten up our mood or any dinner spread. Think of Indian desserts and your mind will automatically start wandering around rasgulla, gulab jamun, barfi, ladoo and more, leaving us spoilt for choice. No doubt, these classic Indian desserts are indulgent to the core and we can’t resist eating them time and again. However, all these aforementioned dessert recipes are super time-consuming and back-breaking; making them at home needs effort and a whole lot of ingredients to include. To resolve this problem, here we bring you 5 easy dessert recipes made with malai that can be perfect to satiate your sudden sweet tooth cravings. And the best part is all these desserts require only a handful of easily accessible ingredients, for example malai, milk, maida, sugar etc.. So, let’s get started.

Here’s A List Of 5 Easy Dessert Recipes Made With Malai:

1. Malai Ladoo- Our Recommendation

Made with evaporated milk solids or semi-solid paneer, this ladoo recipe is creamy, rich and flavoursome. You can make it at home by following some simple steps and using just 3-4 ingredients. Wondering how? Click here for the recipe.

2. Malai Ki Kheer

Be it a festival, a celebration or just our taste buds craving a bowl of dessert, kheer is suitable for every purpose. A rice pudding (kheer) is an easy and quick dessert, perfect for parties too. Delicious rice kheer, cooked with malai , khoya, cream and nuts – just the right ingredients for dessert cravings! Find the recipe here.

3. Bread Malai Roll

Looking for a quick-fix to satiate your dessert cravings? This recipe is the one you must try! Fill your mouth with scads of milky creaminess; we bet this dessert can never fail to impress. Click here for the recipe.

Other Recipes You Must Try

4. Malai Gujiya

We all have tried the classic gujiya recipe. Now is the time to try something unique. So, here we bring you Malai Gujiya recipe to make festivities even more special and indulgent to the core. Find the complete recipe here.


5. Matka Malai Kulfi

There’s nothing a rich, creamy and home-made kulfi can’t fix. To make this recipe even more decadent, throw in some cardamom and saffron for flavour and pistachios for crunch. Find the recipe here.


Now that you know how to make these desserts, it’s time for you to execute these ideas at home. Let us know how you, your friends and family liked them in the comment section below.

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