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Bipasha Basu Observes Vishu With Traditional Vishu Sadhya

Kerala New Year, known as Vishu 2022, is incomplete without a traditional platter of Vishu Sadhya. It includes a variety of dishes that are typically laid out on a banana leaf. The dishes on the platter range from sweet to savoury and spicy. Many celebrities have marked the new year’s festivities with this traditional platter. Among them is actress Bipasha Basu. She has posted a video of her Vishu Sadhya on Instagram Stories, and we couldn’t help but drool. Bipasha captioned the video, “We wish you a happy Vishu. Thank you Rohit and Soni Basu. So many more things which are not included in this video. Never-ending feast.”

Take a look:


Bipasha Basu’s Vishu platter indeed looked wholesome. If you are wondering what she ate and how you can make it too, we have the recipes for you!

1. Sambar

At the beginning of Bipasha Basu’s video, we see a bowl of dal or sambar. So do you want to try a classic South Indian sambar recipe? Check out this recipe on how to make restaurant-style sambar at your home. You will need toor dal, turmeric, curry leaves, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and other spices. You can also add some finely chopped vegetables to it.

2. Avial

Vishu Sadhya is incomplete without a dish of Avial. This is a typical Kerala curry made with a fresh mix of vegetables like raw banana, ash gourd, drumsticks, yam and coconut. Spice it up with curry leaves and green chillies. Cook in coconut oil for the typical Kerala-style taste.

3. Kaalan

This curry includes fried balls of mushroom, cabbage and some spices. Cornflour and maida are important ingredients. For the gravy, use tomatoes, cumin seeds, fennel seeds and other spices. 

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mushroom curry

Kaalan curry is a must-have on Vishu.

4. Banana Chips

Crispy banana chips that are fried golden in coconut oil cannot compete with any other snack on the day of Vishu. The recipe is vegan and also gluten-free.

5. Thoran

Another dish that we noticed on Bipasha Basu’s plate was thoran. This preparation uses generous quantities of desiccated coconut along with vegetables. Make this versatile dish using banana, beans, beetroot, spinach, ivy gourd or any vegetable of your choice.

What did you think about Bipasha Basu’s Vishu meal? Tell us in the comments.

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