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Chilled Curd-Based Recipes That Will Help You Stay Cool This Summer

Let’s admit it; we are suckers for anything curd based in the summers. Not only is the probiotic curd a great way to ward off unwanted gut related issues, but it also helps in better digestion and keeps us cool. All the while being delicious and creamy enough to add to almost all of our dishes. From curd rice to lassi to chaat and snacks, nothing soothes us better on a hot and humid day than some delicious curd-based delicacies. Curd on its own is considered to have cooling effects on the body, chilled curd on top of that hits just the right spot when looking for a natural ingredient to help maintain body temperature in the summers. So, without further ado, we present to you 7 chilled curd-based recipes that will be your best buddies in the upcoming summer!

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Curd based recipes are cooling and delicious

Here Are 7 Chilled Curd Based Recipe For Summer:

1. Cucumber Raita: (Our recommendation)

As cliché as it sounds, there is nothing easier, simpler and tastier to whip with a bowl of chilled curd than a raita! Add ingredients of your choice like cucumber, boondi, lauki or even fruits and serve with rice, roti or as is. A chilled bowl of raita balances any summer meal while also being absolutely delicious! Here is the recipe for an interesting Himalayan raita to make at home.

2. Dahi Phulki:

Spongy besan fritters are soaked in water are drizzled with a generous amount of chilled curd, it is then seasoned with spices and herbs to attain the desired flavour. A great dish to cool off in the summers or whenever you want to make it, the dahi phulki is an easy and must-try dish in the list of chilled dahi based dishes. Click here for the recipe.

3. Dahi Tadka:

Cooling, flavourful and absolutely delicious, this dahi tadka is one of those comforting dahi based dishes that will instantly amp up any meal. Made by adding tempered onions, tomatoes and other spices to curd, this recipe is the perfect combination of spicy and soothing. Chill before serving and enjoy! Click here for the recipe.

4. Chaas:

Need we even introduce chaas when it comes to cooling dahi based recipes? A must-have in almost all Indian homes, chaas becomes a common feature after majority of our meals in summers. When had at different times of the day, it helps in instantly cooling us down while also aiding in weight loss. Click here for the recipe of chilled and delicious chaas.

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Dahi is a natural cooling ingredient.

5. Curd Rice:

Soothing, comforting and very light on the stomach, the south Indian curd rice hits different when had chilled. Although many like to have it in room temperature, chilled curd rice has a different set of fan base! Interested to try it? Next time, use chilled curd instead of room temperature curd and follow this recipe for the rest of the steps.

6. Dahi Bhalla:

The most loved street snack of India, particularly North India. Dahi Bhalla can also be served as a chilled snack or a starter during festive seasons or celebration like holi, baisakhi etc. This quintessential street food from the by lanes of Delhi will get you hooked. Try your hand at making delicious and fluffy bhalla drizzled with sweetened chilled curd, tangy chutneys and chaat masala. Click here for the recipe.

7. Raj Kachori:

A crispy, creamy and cooling snack, the oozing curd and delicious toppings of the snack make it an absolute favourite amongst all. The ingredients used to prepare raj kachori balance out the flavours of the dish just well. The pomegranate and curd add a refreshing hint to the otherwise spicy and flavoured stuffed kachori. Prepare this recipe with chilled curd and bid summer woes away! Click here for the recipe.

There you go, 7 chilled curd-based recipes that you can’t help but make on repeat in the summers.

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