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Good Friday Supper: Here Are 5 Delicious And Meatless Dinner Ideas

On Good Friday, while many people choose to fast, others refrain from having meat. It’s a solemn day and that’s why it’s crucial to plan your Good Friday supper menu ahead of time. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got your back. We have curated a Good Friday menu for you that includes everything you’ll need for a nice supper. We’ve made sure our collection of recipes includes lots of meals you know and love, such as vegetarian stuffed tomatoes, fish and chips, and grilled fish. So while you keep with tradition on Good Friday, you don’t have to wait until Easter for a worthy meal.

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1) Stuffed Tomatoes

On Good Friday, not everyone eats fish. So, these stuffed tomatoes could be an amazing dish for those attempting to keep things completely vegetarian. You can serve it on a bed of rice for a hearty supper. 

2) Pasta

Add an Italian touch to your Good Friday supper with this homemade pink sauce pasta. It combines the creaminess of cheese with the zesty tomato sauce. The best part is you can make it within 30 minutes.

3) Grilled Surmai Steak

If you are looking at something healthy for your Good Friday supper, try this Grilled Surmai Steak. It is a protein-rich food, tasty and very easy to make.

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Good Friday feast usually has more fish items

4) Fried Fish with Tartar Sauce

This could be the perfect Good Friday meal for two people or a small family. It’s a simple but delicious dish. Fish fillets marinated in salt and lemon juice are all you’ll need. Deep fried them till golden, after coating them in flour, breadcrumbs, and eggs. Serve it with the delicious tartar sauce on the side.

5) Fish In Red Wine and Butter Sauce

This can be another note-worthy dish on Good Friday. Fillet the fish neatly and mop it up with delicate sauce of red wine, butter, thyme, and mustard.

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