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"Imagined In India"  Bira 91 Launches Four New Exciting Beers Flavours With A Summery Twist

Beer may be one of the oldest drinks in the world, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t get better! While people veer toward enjoying beers from foreign brands, one homegrown Indian company has decided to add their own unique twist to beer, making it tastier than ever! Bira 91, one of the most enjoyed beer brands in India have decided to add a summery twist to beers by releasing four new flavours. Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the launch event of these flavours and tried all the new flavours!

Bira 91 has four new limited-release beers for the summer – Bollywood IPA, Kokum sour, Brown Ale and Mango Lassi – and each beer lives up to its quirky names! The beer tasting event was organized at Qla where Chef Vicky Ratnani had exclusively curated a menu to pair with each new flavour of the beer. The Mango Lassi beer is a light and creamy beer with the after-taste of mango, making it the ideal cross between mango lassi and beer. Next comes the Kokum sour, for South-Indian food lovers this beer is an absolute delight as it combines the traditional ingredient from the Konkan Coast and the affinity of the Indians towards sour flavours. The Bollywood IPA is vibrant, flavourful and comes with a tropical twist to give it a summery vibe. And last but not the least, Brown Ale blends the authentic English ale with coconut and vanilla, making it a favourite among beer lovers!

The four new beers make “Imagined in India”, release of desi flavoured beers that is inspired by the raw creativity of India’s emerging artists and entrepreneurs. Here’s what Ankur Jain, Founder and CEO of Bira 91 said about this initiative –

“For this generation of consumers, beer means flavor, and we deliver on that promise. ‘Imagined in India’ is an attempt to bring together the many flavors of India and its creative energy fueled by emerging artists, entrepreneurs, and startups. Each beer is brewed with unusual ingredients – local and seasonal – which makes them unique and bursting with flavour.”


The event was full of excitement, fun with electric music and with good company, and the beers were the stars of the show! I am not someone who particularly enjoys beer, but after enjoying these new cold brews, I am definitely hooked! Each and every flavour is truly delicious, making beer the go-to drink for this summer.

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