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IPL 2022 Likely To Have Closing Ceremony

IPL 2022 could get a closing ceremony.© BCCI/IPL

The BCCI is planning to arrange a closing ceremony for this season of Indian Premier League 2022 after three years. Due to COVID, the closing ceremonies have got cancelled thrice but this time fans may see the closing ceremony at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad where the final match will be played here on May 29. “BCCI is working on the plan to have a closing ceremony this year. We are discussing having a closing ceremony this year after the final match in Ahmedabad. We want to bring back the colour of IPL so you might see the closing ceremony,” a source from BCCI told ANI.

The IPL 2022 league matches are being played only in Maharashtra with Mumbai and Pune being host cities. Due to COVID restrictions, the spectators are allowed in a limited capacity inside the stadium.

The play-off dates are yet to be finalized.

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