Kangana Ranaut Compared Indian Sweet Dishes With Their Foreign Counterparts

Kangana Ranaut has declared that Indian food is better than those from abroad. In a series of Instagram Stories, Kangana shared several desi food items and their closest alternative from abroad to say “Indians are best in everything”. “Going to repost some Stories only to prove ki Indians sab cheez mein best hai (Indians are best in everything they do),” she wrote. Her first pick is a bowl of gulab jamuns with grated pistachios on the top. Along with it, she asks, “This is better than Chocolate. Agree?”

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Kangana Ranaut’s Instagram story

The next one on Kangana Ranaut’s Instagram Stories was rasmalai. As per Kangana Ranaut, nothing can beat “barfi and chum chum”. The humble Jalebi, too, made a cut on Kangana Ranaut’s sweet dish theme post.

Did Kangana Ranaut’s foodie updates make you hungry? Well, we would to take a deep dive into the latest sweetmeat series shared by the actress. Here we go:

1.Gulab Jamun

Kangana Ranaut said these soft, delicious berry-sized sweet balls are better than chocolates and asked her Instagram followers whether they agree with her. Undoubtedly, gulab jamun is a popular Indian sweet.


A pleasing Bengali dessert, rasmalai is made with chhena balls soaked in malai. In her post, Kanagana compared it with cakes.

3.Kaju Barfi and Chamcham

Both these are popular sweets that are a must during festivals like Diwali and Durga Puja. “Whether it’s creme brulee or apple pie, both fail before barfi and chamcham,” Kangana Ranaut wrote. 


The actress also mentioned everyone’s favourite jalebi, a dessert popular all over India. Kangana said we don’t have to field our “all players (sweet dishes)” and the humble jalebi will be enough to take on “their” five desserts.

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