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KL Rahul Has Finally Shared His Food With Athiya Shetty

If there’s one cute couple on the internet that never ceases to give us couple goals, it has to be actress Athiya Shetty and cricketer KL Rahul. The former is a hardcore foodie, and doesn’t shy away from sharing her foodie indulgences every now and then. Athiya Shetty was really happy that her boyfriend KL Rahul has shared his food with her. On a Sunday morning, Athiya uploaded an image of the delicious breakfast platter that the duo enjoyed. Sharing a sweet caption with this picture, she wrote, “KL Rahul, finally sharing his food.” The image showed two pancakes with a great number of toppings, which included berries, fruits and nuts. Both Rahul and Athiya are known to care about their fitness and health. Now, it appears they are also exchanging notes on what to eat. Take a look at the picture here:

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Athiya Shetty’s pancake story has indeed got us craving too! The fluffy pancakes, with crispy edges and a soft centre, have become a hit among people these days. Usually, people use maple syrup or honey and fresh berries and several fruits as toppings to enrich the flavour. Now, if are feeling hungry after looking at the post and want to make some yummy pancakes then we have some recipes instore for you.

Here Are 5 Delicious Pancake Recipes For You:

1. Classic American Pancake 

It is easy to prepare and delicious to eat. Most people like to start their day with pancakes, which load them up with energy and nutrients for the heavy-duty workload until the afternoon.

2. Eggless Pancake 

For those who like to keep eggs out of their meal, this is a great option. Add a savoury sauce or filling to amp up the taste.

3. Banana Pancakes with Caramelised Apples 

What a deadly combination, did we hear? The goodness of banana and apples is all you to need to begin your day. 

4. Spinach Pancake

This can be classified as a desi twist to an American recipe. Also, this is a great way to let your children have their dose of green leafy vegetables without complaint.

5. Coconut Pancakes 

Another one with a desi twist is waiting for your attention. These traditional Goan pancakes are made with coconut and jaggery filling.

With these recipes, we hope your breakfast is sorted. Happy eating!

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