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No More Wasting Potato Peels – Make These 5 Genius Recipes

One of the most commonly used vegetables in almost every household is potato. But then it also causes most wastage with its peels. Our everyday cooking involves aloo paratha, aloo sabzi, aloo pulao, aloo tikki and the list is endless. While potato makes for a delicious and nutritious ingredient in all these recipes, sadly, its peels go to waste. What if we told you that potato peels, too, can be used to make some yummy recipes? You may not believe us and that’s why here we have some recipes to prove it to you.  

Did you know that potato peels are rich in potassium among other nutrients that make them a healthy food? It is surprising for many of us, but the following recipes will make you stop wasting this gem of a food and also leave you wondering, why were you throwing it away all this while. But first things first, you have to clean the outer layer of the potato properly since it comes with a lot of dust and dirt, as you would have noticed. 

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5 Genius Recipes To Make With Potato Peels: 

1.Potato Skin Chips 

We have always used the flesh of the potatoes to make crispy and delicious chips. Next time use potato skin and you’ll get crispier chips for a great evening snack. Drizzle potato skins with olive oil and bake them, then toss them in a fiery mixture of various spices. Click here for the detailed recipe. 

Potato skin chips makes for an excellent evening snack.

2. Potato Peel Soup 

You already know that you can make a comforting soup with almost any food, and that includes potato peels. Just boil the peels with garlic, ginger, onions and tomatoes. Blend it all together and cook for some more time with seasonings. You can also top it with cream or coriander leaves and lime juice. 

3. Potato Peel Broth 

Chicken stock or vegetable stock always comes in handy to make various recipes. Potato peel broth too can make for a great ingredient. Just boil potato peels along with salt and pepper. Drain and save this water to be used as a delicious broth. 

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4. Potato Peel Garnish 

Be it salads, raita or biryani, an extra garnishing of something crispy always amps up its taste. You can fry your potato peels and crumble them to be used as a crispy garnish for your various dishes. 

5. Baked Potato Peel  

Baked potatoes are one of the most popular snacking items out there. This recipe uses just the potato peels as the flesh is scooped out, then filled with mustard sauce and cheese, and is baked to perfection. Click here for the recipe. 

baked mexican potatoes recipes

Baked potato can be made easily with just the peels.

Don’t throw away those useful potato peels. Make these recipes and enjoy their nutrition and unique flavour.

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