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Nothing Better Than Desi Desserts To Cool Yourself Down This Summer; Try These 5 Recipes

With the arrival of the summer season, the possibility of dehydration increases. And often we crave something sweet and juicy to ensure we have adequate water in our bodies. Still, the thought of gulab jamun and jalebis makes us sweat. The season is all about eating light (and chilled). Fortunately, there are enough seasonal fruits available to ensure we are spoiled for choices. Use these fruits to make the perfect desserts to cool yourself down on scorching days and nights. Here’s what you can do (You can add fruits like watermelon, mangoes etc. in all of these recipes depending on your choice):

Here Are 5 Indian Dessert Recipes You Must Try This Summer:

1. Royal Falooda

A refreshing glass of falooda is the perfect dessert you need to beat the heat this summer. Add to it, a generous scoop of ice cream and some crunchy nuts. Flavour it with delicious rose syrup, if you wish to give your dessert an unmistakable pink hue and tempting flavour.

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Enjoy the goodness of Falooda with nuts, ice cream and fruits.

2. Shrikhand

A regular feature in Gujarati and Maharashtrian households, this desi dessert is made from hung curd, sweetened with sugar and flavoured with cardamom and saffron. Grab a spoon and dig in.

3. Phirni

This classic sweet pudding is a delicious Kashmiri dessert that simply melts in the mouth. Traditionally served in clay bowls, it carries a certain earthiness about itself. Phirni is made with rice, either ground or whole, and appears similar to chawal ka kheer.

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Phirni is a classic dessert that is creamy and delicious.

4. Rasmalai

The crowd-pleasing popular Bengali dessert is made with fresh chenna or paneer, which is turned into soft, spongy dumplings and soaked in mouth-watering malai. Serve it chilled after lunch or dinner and relish the taste for hours.

5. Kulfi

Kulfi is our very own, desi ice cream. The velvety texture and irresistible taste make it our favourite. This variation has a rich base of pista (pistachios).

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