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Shahid Kapoor Reveals His Favourite South Indian Dish, And It's Not Dosa

Acting skills aside, Shahid Kapoor is also a popular star for his charming personality. The ‘Jersey’ star often keeps fans hooked by sharing glimpses of his personal life. Also, people are always excited to know about his gastronomic adventures and various indulgences. Something similar happened when Shahid conducted an “Ask Me Anything” session on Twitter. Fans made a bee-line to the social media platform with their questions. One of the questions that grabbed everyone’s attention was about food, of course. The person wanted to know about Shahid’s “favourite South Indian food”. And, he replied. “Ghee idli” is his favourite.  Relatable, isn’t it?

Take a look:

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Do you also connect with Shahid Kapoor’s love for idlis? Well, if yes, then, refer to these yummy five idli recipes that you can relish whenever you feel like digging into the South Indian delicacy.

1) Masala Rava Idli

If you have a busy day ahead and yet looking forward to having something comforting and filling, the instant masala rava idli is for you. Serve it hot with sambar and chutney. 

2) Spicy Idli

Do you find idlis bland? Fret not, we have a solution. This recipe would be helpful if you want to utilise the leftover idlis and enjoy it in a more flavourful manner. This genius recipe brimming with flavours is a proper 2-minute snack if you have steamed idlis already.    

3) Stuffed Idlis

Idlis don’t always have to be the same regular ones. You can also add some vegetables to it that not only gives it a crunchy twist but also tastes good. For the stuffing, remember, you need to have roasted cashews, blanched pistachios, chopped green or/and red bell pepper, pickle masala and sliced carrot for this recipe.    

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Idli is a delightful treat that nobody can resist.

4) Idli Pasta

This would surely intrigue the people who are fond of fusion dishes. This wholesome snack is easy-to-cook, filling and would surely make your day. You can, of course, prepare this right from the scratch but it’s even better if you have steamed idlis ready.  

5) Oats Idli

If you are on a weight loss journey and want to relish a healthy breakfast, this is the best option you can stick to. Oats idli is highly nutritious and reflects a great blend of health and taste. All you’ve got to do is use oats instead of suji to prepare this one.   

Don’t forget to enjoy these idlis with sambar and chutneys of your choice.

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