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Watch: Couple In 70s Finish Marital Dispute With Laddoos In UP




Laddoos have marked the tip of a marital dispute for a pair of their seventies, in Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda district.

In a viral video shared by Sachin Kaushik, a policeman, the couple was seen feeding laddoos to one another within the presence of cops.

The 2 have been residing individually after disagreements following which the villagers took them to the police station the place policemen acted as mediators.

The video captured the climax the place the aged girl was seen feeding her husband a laddoo. A police officer then handed over one to him, asking him to feed his spouse.

“Hamaar hathva na kaat lihu (Do not chunk my hand),” he jokingly mentioned as he fed him, prompting laughter amongst all current there.

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