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Watch: Make Refreshing Aam Panna With This Recipe And Store For 1 Year

Summer is here and the rise in temperature calls for soul soothing coolers. The season brings along an extensive range of flavourful coolers that make summer a bit more bearable for us. And when we say cooler, aam panna is one of the first drinks that come to our mind. Made with raw mango and some desi spices, aam panna has a very comforting, earthy note to it that instantly tug at heartstrings. Besides, its super light, soothing and hydrating too. Thanks to the raw mango, this drink includes good amount of vitamin A, E, beta carotene and helps prevent dehydration by replenishing the reserves of sodium chloride in the body. This further helps maintain body’s water balance and keeps several seasonal diseases at bay. What if we say we have an amazing recipe that will help you enjoy the cooling drink throughout the year? You read that right.

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Stock up this delicious Aam Panna for upto one year.

Food Vlogger Parul shared a quick and easy aam panna recipe that will not only help you prepare this summer cooler without any fuss, but also help you store it for long. She took to her YouTube Channel ‘Cook With Parul’ to share this amazing recipe of summer special aam panna. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the recipe.

How To Make Aam Panna And Store For One Year:

  1. Cut the stem part of the mangoes and steam in idli steamer until they turn soft.
  2. Deskin and deseed the mangoes and mash the pulp. Now store it in refrigerator and use whenever you need.
  3. Now, to make the sherbet, take the pulp in a grider, add roasted cumin powder, black salt, salt and elaichi powder.
  4. Churn everything together to prepare a smooth paste.
  5. Add pudina to this paste and churn again.
  6. Now, prepare a sugar syrup with white mishri and add the aam panna paste to it.
  7. Mix everything together and boil until you get the thick syrup consistency.
  8. Add lemon juice to it and give a stir.

How To Store Aam Panna:

  1. Let the aam panna concentrate cool down.
  2. Take a clean and clear glass container and fill it with the concentrate.
  3. Close the lid and make it airtight.

How To Serve Aam Panna:

  • Take a glass and squeeze lemon and red chilli powder on the rim (of the glass).
  • Add some ice cubes and the concentrate.
  • Add water to it and stir. Garnish with a lemon wedge and pudina leaves and serve.

Watch the detailed recipe of aam panna (and how to store) here:

Much easy, right? Now that you have the aam panna recipe handy, what are you waiting for? Prepare the drink today and make the most of your hot summer days.

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