Weekend Special: Make These 5 Yummy Starter Recipes In Just 30 Mins

The weekend is here, which means we all can finally relax and let go of our strict diet routines. These two days are all about enjoying with friends and family or even spending some time alone. However, no matter how you choose to spend your time over the weekend, it certainly cannot be complete without some delicious food. But of course, no one wants to spend the entire day in the kitchen. So, to ease your day and give you some lip-smacking options to make on the weekend, here we have some starter recipes. These recipes will be ready in 30 minutes! Check them out below:

Here Are 5 Starter Recipes You Can Make In 30 Mins:

1. Chilli Paneer

Indo-Chinese food is one of the top things we all love to have, and that’s why chilli paneer should surely be on your menu too. In this recipe, all you need to do is toss crisp paneer pieces in a fiery sauce and add in some veggies too. Make this yummy delight today!

2. Cheese Potato Shots

The name of any cheese-based dish is enough to make us drool. This cheesy and crisp recipe is something that people of all ages would love to have. If you wish to, you can also add some chopped veggies in it and pair it with a mint garlic dip.

Potato Cheese Shots

3. Corn Palak Tikki

Tikki is one of those street foods that have an entirely different fan base. But now is the moment to give it a new spin. We’ve got a corn and spinach tikki dish here that’s great for impressing unexpected guests or when you want to relish a unique taste!

Corn Palak Ki Tikki

4. Soya Manchurian

Do you want to play around with your favourite Manchurian? We’ve got a dish for you that’ll satisfy your Indo-Chinese culinary desires. Besides being delicious, it is also very healthy as it is made with soya chunks.

5. Bread Pizza

Bread pizza, or mini pizza, as it’s often known, is the ideal quick fix if you want a pizza-like taste without the trouble of kneading and resting pizza dough. This easy and quick recipe is sure to satisfy your hunger.

Try out these fantastic and easy recipes! Let us know which one was your favourite in the comments below.

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