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With A Lively Experience And Delicious Food, Newly Opened Social In Saket Is A Cafe You Must Visit

Imagine this: you have an upcoming celebration and want a place with a stunning ambience, lively music, a vast range of menu, and a place where you can chill. Do you know what the one place that has all these things is?! It’s the newly opened Social in Saket, DLF Avenue. If you are new to the concept of Social, let us tell you that each one of its cafes has a different theme altogether. The one in Saket is based on an NDMC park and will remind you of all the time you’ve spent there playing with your friends. As soon as you enter the cafe, you’ll see the floor is covered with grass, and they even put up an NDMC board there to make the theme look more natural. Followed by this, the cafe has a beautiful decor of plants, swings, and booths where you can enjoy your meal. The cafe also has a rooftop setting with swings and beautiful lights! Coming to the food, you can find Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean and Indian items on their menu with a range of cocktails, mocktails, shakes and aerated drinks! We recently visited Social and got a taste of all things delicious!

First up, we had a cosmo explosion! If just hearing the name of this drink excites you, trust us, the look and presentation of this drink will also make you drool. It comes with candy in a glass, and then a drink is poured over it. The cosmo explosion has a light refreshing taste! With that, we had a Berry Julep. This drink has a strong flavour and feels perfect to have in the summer.

Next, starting with the food, we tried to have a little bit of the multitude of flavours offered by the cafe. First, we were served a delicious plate of perfectly charred achari paneer tikka. This platter came with a side of spicy chutney and onion rings.


Then, we were served a mouth-watering mezze platter! While generally, you would get the five dips, pita bread and sticks on a platter, the one at Social came with a surprise of cheese-filled patties! With this, we had crispy loaded honey chilli fries!


Lastly, we ended our meal with a sinful layered cake dessert. If you are someone who has a sweet tooth, you cannot miss out on this dessert! The layered cake was stacked with three types of mousse, and hot chocolate was poured all over it.


Overall, we felt that Social in Saket is a must-visit if you are in search of a lively experience and good food. The cafe even holds music nights with different DJs who will make you groove on the dance floor!

Location: Social, Saket DLF Avenue

Price for two: INR 1,300

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